Boston Squash and Racketball Club

Lincolnshire Cup Teams

Boston Squash and Racketball Club enters teams in all the county cups, which are the Parker Cup (five men), the Kesteven Cup (two men, one woman, an over 45, and one racketball player) and the Alford Cup (five over 35s).

The Parker Cup

The Parker Cup is the main 'county cup'. It began at the start of the 2005/06 season in memory of Neil Parker, who played in the Boston men's team through a very successful period, before he died of a tragic heart attack after playing despite having no previous fitness or health issues.

The Kesteven Cup

The Kesteven Cup is made up of teams of five; two men, one woman, a veteran and a racketball player. Boston won this competition most recently in 2014/15.

The Alford Cup

The Alford Cup consists of teams of five over 35s.  Boston won this cup in 2014/15.