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September leagues online - 5th September 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for September are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

August leagues online - 10th August 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for August are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

County Championships 2011/12 information - 8th August 2011

This season's senior County Championships will be held at Boston Squash and Racketball Club on the 1st and 2nd October 2011. There will be men's and women's open events, and men's O35, O45 and O55 tournaments as well.

To enter the county championships this year, you must submit your entry form by the 16th September 2011.

July leagues online - 2nd July 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for July are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Courts refurbished - 28th June 2011

Boston Squash and Racketball Club's glass-back courts have been refurbished. The work was carried out last week by Wearwell, and has seen the club's two main courts receive a dramatic makeover.

The front walls are as good as new following a replastering, while the side walls have also been cleaned. As well as the walls, the floors have been brightened up after being sanded and new line markings have been put in place.

Done the double - 13th June 2011

PIC: Top row (left-to-right): Chris Clements, Mark Hildred, Colin Fisher.

Bottom row (left-to-right): John Secker, Ady Proctor, Jake Fountain.

BOSTON Squash and Racketball Club have collected two county cups and both Lincolnshire Leagues titles after a smashing season which also included national success as the town's Over-45s team won the national veterans' plate.

After a long season Boston 1 won the Lincolnshire Leagues Premier Division by a tantalising two points, finishing on 160 points from 16 matches whilst runners-up Hiatt Decorators achieved 158 points. It marks the tenth time that Boston have been crowned county champions since 2000.

Boston 2 had success of their own in the county's other, Division 1, beating runners-up Metheringham to the title by 27 points having chalked up 137 points over 12 matches. They will now compete alongside Boston 1 in the Premier Division next season.

The County Cups Finals weekend was held at Metheringham on Sunday (12th June). In the Alford Cup, which is contested by clubs’ Over-35s teams, Boston faced Eastgate. The first match was between John Secker (Boston) and Lynn Turner (Eastgate) at fifth string. Secker took the first game 11/9. The second game at one point looked like becoming never-ending. Secker came from 6/3 and 9/7 down to earn a gameball at 10/9 up, but he lost the point and the match went to 10/10 and two-clear. The Boston #5 then saved two gameballs before failing to capitalise on another two of his own, but eventually won the game 16/14. Secker wrapped the match up 11/9 in the third to give Boston a 1-0 lead.

The second match saw Boston’s Ady Proctor go head to head with fellow #3 Chris Norris. It was a fairly straightforward win for Proctor, who dispatched his opponent 11/6, 11/6, 11/8.

Colin Fisher was next on court for Boston at fourth string and faced Phil Hiatt. Fisher used his power well to drive himself into an 11/6, 11/8 lead. In the third game he fought back to 7/7 from 7/4 down and pushed on to win the final game 11/8, securing the Alford Cup for Boston in the process.

At second string John Hand played Eastgate’s Hugh Bochel. At 7/7 in the first game Bochel ironically suffered a hand injury. He soon recovered and Hand then wasted and saved a gameball before grabbing the first game 13/11. He won the next game 11/5, but Bochel responded in the third by firing himself into an 8-2 lead and taking the game 11/8. It proved to only be a consolation though, as Hand won the next game 12/10 thanks to a stroke. He had survived a gameball at 10/9 down and the victory was one of small margins.

The final match was between the teams’ #1s, Mark Hildred (Boston) and Dean Hiatt (Eastgate). Hildred won the first game 11/8. In the second game the match became heated with Hildred frustrated at the number of lets being awarded and Hiatt consistently finding his opponent in the way. Hildred went 7/6 up but some impressive backhand drives from Hiatt won him the game 11/7 to level the score at 1-1. In the third the score reached 7/7 and Hiatt took the game 11/7 to put him on the brink of a consolation victory for Eastgate. However, Hildred won the fourth game 11/5 to set up a decider, in which he kept a slim lead throughout before securing the game 11/7, and thus the match, with a backhand cross-court that Hiatt was not able to successfully retrieve.

Having secured the Alford Cup 5-0, Boston’s main men’s team then began the hunt to win the Parker Cup. Standing in their way was Rustons (Lincoln).

The first match was between Jake Fountain (Boston) and Andy Reedman (Rustons) at fifth string. In a tight first game Reedman edged it 13/11. This was in contrast to the next two games where Fountain took the second 11/2 before losing the third game 11/4. Boston’s #5 won the grabbed two games 11/6 to be crowned the winner of a five-set thriller.

At fourth string Boston’s Chris Clements faced Dom Burke. Clements won the first two games 12/10, 11/6. In the third game he earned two matchballs with a rally that produced applause from the crowd, but lost the advantage as Burke drew back to 10/10. Clements then lost another gameball as Burke stretched across and just managed to play a volley that agonisingly sneaked up. Clements then saved a gameball himself before winning the game 14/12 to win the second match of the final for Boston.

Colin Fisher represented Boston at third string and was unfortunate not to get a game off Adie Nichols. He lost the first game 12/10 having had a gameball at 10/9 up. The second game also reached 10/10 and Colin played a clever, deceptive dropshot to go 11/10 up and within one point of taking the game. He reached the same position at 12/11, but lost the game 14/12 as Nichols buried the ball away with an instinctive reactionary shot after Fisher had delivered a ‘bodyline’ drive. Nichols won the final game 11/9 to halve Boston’s lead in the final to 2-1.

The second string bore witness to a five-setter between Ady Proctor (Boston) and Gareth Clarke. In the first game Proctor saved two gameballs but it was third time lucky for Clarke who secured the game 13/11. Ady sped into a 10/3 lead in the second game and proceeded to level the score with an 11/7 victory. The third reached 8/8 but Clarke won the next three points to take the game 11/8. The start of the fourth game was even but Ady dominated the second half and won the contest 11/6 to take the match into the fifth. Unfortunately the final game was a reversal of the previous one and Clarke won 11/6 to draw Eastgate level in the final at 2-2.

The title of County Cup winners came down to a showdown between Boston’s Mark Hildred and Rustons’ Russell Watkins, the teams’ #1s. Hildred won the first game by a comfortable 11/2 scoreline. In the next game Boston’s player was stuck at 7/6 down for a series of lets, but eventually completed the game without losing another point and doubled his lead to 2-0 via an 11/7 scoreline. In the third game Hildred went 4/2 up, after surprisingly managing to chase back a shot that had seemingly gone across and past him. Boston’s #1 skilfully dropped a forehand volley crosscourt to go 10/4 up, and Watkins could not return one of Hildred’s lengths in the following rally, meaning that Boston had retained the County Cup 3-2.

June leagues online - 7th June 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for June are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

May leagues online - 4th May 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for May are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Champions! - 1st May 2011

Boston 1 have won the Lincolnshire Leagues Premier Division to become County Champions for the second season running. The main men's team topped the league by just two points, with runners-up Hiatt Decorators finishing on 158 points from the campaign's 16 matches.

Meanwhile Boston 2 have won the Lincolnshire Leagues Division 1, winning all 12 of their matches to finish on 137 points - 27 points ahead of runners-up Metheringham.

Boston 3 finished sixth out of the seven teams in Division 1 with a total of 46 points (22 points more than RAF Coningsby 2).

Courts to be refurbished - 1st May 2011

Boston Squash and Racketball Club has announced that significant work is to be carried out on the club's glassback courts this summer.

The refurbishment, to be carried out by Wearwell, will include the washing/repainting of the side and front walls and re-marking of the lines and is set to make the courts look as good as new.

The work will begin on 20th June, and will last for 5-7 days. During this time both courts will be out of action. Although the rainbow courts will still be available as usual, members are advised to avoid arranging matches for the duration of this period.

Boston Junior Open draws available - 27th April 2011

The draws for this year's Boston Junior Open have been published online. Links to the draws, which have been emailed to all players, have now been posted on the 'Boston Junior Open' page as well.

Treble haul for Hildred - 10th April 2011

PIC: (Left to right): THE FINALISTS: Wayne Cox, Stuart Dunlop, John Secker, Colin Fisher, Gary Fitzsimmons, Mujeeb Pervez, Patrick Hildred, Mark Hildred, Tina Favell, Bob Pearson, Chris Clements, Andy Baxter, Gary Williamson, Ruth Simpson, George Cooper, Pete Andrews, Ady Proctor, Edy Goddard. (Photo taken by Andy Mitchell)

Over 70 players took part, but on Saturday night there were 6 different winners of the main competitions in Boston Squash and Racketball Club’s annual Club Championships  - with Mark Hildred winning the main Buchner Open 30 years after first winning it at the age of 16 in 1981.

Mark Hildred, Pete Andrews, Ady Proctor, Bob Pearson, Ruth Simpson and Patrick Hildred were all victorious in their respective categories, while Stuart Dunlop, Wayne Cox, Mujeeb Pervez and Gary Williamson succeeded in the plate competitions.

In the squash tournaments, the Buchner Open, Over 35s and Over 45s titles were all retained by Mark Hildred, while Pete Andrews won the Over 55s tournament. Ruth Simpson once again took the prize in the Ladies’ category and Patrick Hildred won his third consecutive junior title. In the Racketball Open, Ady Proctor ran out as champion with Bob Pearson succeeding in the Racketball Over 45s.

Finals night started with the junior final. It was the last year in the junior tournament for both of the finalists - Edy Goddard and Patrick Hildred. The latter took the first game 9/6, before Edy bounced back 9/4 to level the games at 1-1. Despite the setback, Patrick went on to come from behind in both of the last two games to win the final 9/6, 4/9, 9/4, 9/6.

In the Racketball Over 45s Bob Pearson beat Andy Baxter over the course of five games. Ady Proctor managed to come from 2-1 down to beat John Secker 3-2 in a competitive Racketball Open final. Back in the squash, the Ladies’ final saw Ruth Simpson overcome Tina Favell 3-0 to win the event for an impressive 8th straight year. One of numerous five-setters from throughout the night occurred courtesy of the over 55s final. Pete Andrews sealed a 3-2 win against Bob Pearson despite the latter’s efforts to climb back to 2-2 having been 2-0 down.

In the over 35s squash tournament Ady Proctor conceded the final to Mark Hildred due to injury, and this was perhaps fortunate for Mark who still had to compete in two finals. The first of these was in the over 45s event where he beat Colin Fisher 9/3, 9/2, 9/3. The second was the final of the main competition - the Buchner Open.

Chris Clements had secured his place in the final the previous night with a 3-0 win over Ady Proctor, while Mark Hildred had progressed following a walkover against Dave Stones. Mark was the strong favourite ahead of the match but it proved to be the closest final in many years. He narrowly nicked what had built up to be a crucial first game 10/9, before winning the next game 9/2 to take a 2-0 lead in games. However, the third game shook things up in front of the large crowd that had gathered to watch as Chris took it 9/4. It was the first time in recent memory that Mark had dropped a game in the Buchner Open final, and this was a tribute to Chris’ outstanding performance, which consisted of countless winners on the backhand side. Despite this, Mark drew on his ability and overcame his fatigue to fight back admirably in the fourth game to win the match and the title of club champion for the 24th time; 10/9, 9/2, 4/9, 9/6. The entertaining nature of the match was somewhat backed up by the statistics. The final lasted for 70 minutes which was reflective of the long and competitive rallies.

In the plates, Stuart Dunlop beat Stuart Garner 9/6 in the fifth in a closely contested main plate final, while in the racketball plate Gary Williamson beat John Payne 3-1. Back to the squash, the plate over 35s was handed to Wayne Cox who beat 2010’s winner Gary Fitzsimmons 3-0. Finally, in the combined plate over 45s/55s Mujeeb Pervez beat George Cooper 3-0.

The most improved player award, chosen by club steward Paul Smith, was awarded to Jamie Adams. He is the third junior to have won the prize since 2004.

At the presentations ceremony after the final, tournament organiser Ady Proctor said, “I’d like to thank everybody that took part once again, the number of entries seems to grow each and every year which is great. With the racketball coming onboard in leaps and bounds the competition there is now as fierce as it is with the squash.”

Ady announced that it was his last year of running the championships having done so for a number of years. Club Chairman Mark Hildred thanked Ady on everybody’s behalf for running the event, before adding: “I’d like to thank Paul Smith for his efforts throughout the year - he’s ever-present at all the events we have. Also, many thanks to the irreplaceable Peter Tait (club treasurer) who has presented the new annual racketball trophy.”

“I think it was a great crowd tonight, and it’s always nice to play a final where there’s a lot of people there so I’d like to thank you all for your support,” the Buchner Open winner concluded.

April leagues online - 2nd April 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for April are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

March leagues online - 4th March 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for March are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

February leagues online - 2nd February 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for February are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

January leagues online - 4th January 2011

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for January are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Whipp and Beddoes crowned champions - 13th December 2010




Andy Whipp and Emma Beddoes took the winner’s titles last weekend in the 14th annual BSPA Boston Open. The last event of 2010 on the national tour saw the number 2 seed produce a stunning comeback in the men’s final to win 3-2, while 2008 women’s finalist Emma Beddoes went one step further this time around to be crowned ladies’ champion.

Over three days 986 minutes of high quality squash was contested on the courts of Boston Squash and Racketball Club, excluding the junior tournaments which were held before Sunday’s senior finals. The longest match was a marathon 66 minute long men’s semi final, while Deon Saffery took 53 minutes less to win a pool B match.

Following a few late withdrawals in the women’s event, including top seed Vanessa Atkinson’s, the format changed to that of a round robin with two pools with three women each. The player that topped each pool would progress into Sunday’s grand final.

In pool A Emma Beddoes finished in pole position after beating Brogan Lane 11/8, 11/4, 11/5 and Katy Ramirez 11/7, 11/3, 11/4. Ramirez beat Lane 11/8, 11/3, 11/5 to ensure herself 2nd place in the pool.

Deon Saffery finished first in pool B following victories to the tune of 11/3, 11/2, 11/1 versus Fran Wallis and 10/12, 11/7, 11/3, 11/5 against Rachel Willmott. Indeed that match occurred late on Saturday night and resulted in Willmott completing her part in the tournament in 2nd place, ahead of Fran Wallis whom she had beaten 11/4, 12/10, 11/4 earlier on.

In the men’s event all the seeds progressed into the second round and then the quarter finals on Friday night - with the exception of 5/8 seed James Jacobsen who was on the wrong end of a walkover in the first round after his car broke down on the way to Lincolnshire. Sean Hunter beat Jacobsen’s beneficiary Charlie Johnson and managed to get a quarter final tie with number one seed Scott Handley, becoming the furthest non-seeded player in the draw. The best games of the first round included a win for 17-year-old Nick Mulvey who beat Jason Pike 12/14, 11/6, 11/7, and a five-setter where Paul Rawden overcame Matt Pearson by the skin of his teeth 11/9, 6/11, 11/6, 3/11, 11/9.

In the second round number one seed Scott Handley and number two seed Andy Whipp both won 3-1. The match of the round took place at 19:15 when 5/8 seed Obaid J. Khan beat Paul Rawden 8/11, 11/4, 8/11, 11/7, 11/8. The clash lasted for 51 minutes and it was Rawden’s second five-game thriller of the day.

The quarter finals again went to seeding with Scott Handley and James Snell going through to the first semi final, and Rory Pennell and Andy Whipp reaching the second. Only Pennell had dropped a game. On Saturday night in the semi finals ¾ seed James Snell won what was perhaps the match of the tournament, knocking out the favourite Scott Handley 10/12, 11/7, 9/11, 11/9, 11/7 in a match that lasted for over an hour. The world #85 may have been assisted by the fact that Handley had sustained a minor leg injury earlier on in the competition. In the other semi, Andy Whipp won a vital first game 15/13 before beating his tired opponent 11/3 and 11/6 in the next two games to secure his place in the final in straightforward fashion.

Emma Beddoes won the Boston Open women’s title on Sunday afternoon following a 3-1 victory over Deon Saffery. In the closest ladies’ final at the tournament since 2006 an upset looked on the cards after Deon stormed into a 5/1 lead in the first game.

From then on Emma kept attempting to claw it back - but only came within 1 point of levelling the score as her opponent took the first game. Deon started the second game as she had finished the first, but 2008’s Boston Open finalist won 7 points in a row to make the games 1-1. The third game was a topsy turvy affair, but at 7/7 Emma took the initiative to win it 11/7. The world #25 then finished off the match convincingly, winning the fourth game 11/2.

After a nice display of women’s squash the men’s final began. It is fair to say there was some concern as to how long the final would last when James Snell surprisingly took the first two games quite comfortably.

In the first game Andy Whipp never appeared to get into the match, losing 11/2. The second game was equally as bad for him, and good for James who was dominating the rallies and running Whipp around the court. Snell went from 2/1 down to 9/2 up and took the second game 11/4 to lead 2-0 in games.

The crowd was hoping for a fight back from the defending champion to take the match into a fourth and fifth game, and that’s exactly what they got as he fired himself into a 4/0 lead in the third. For the rest of the game he had the upper hand thanks to some great volleying, which was partly accountable for James’ increasing number of tinned shots.

Andy trailed 2-1 after winning the third 11/6. 11/7 to Andy Whipp was the score announced by referee Phil Hiatt at the end of the fourth game, after the number two seed continued his improved performance level. A final decider had been perfectly set up after James Snell had won and lost a 2-0 lead. Key to Andy’s ultimate victory was his run of three consecutive winning points in the opening stages to go 4-1 up.

The balance of play remained even for the rest of the game leading Andy Whipp to grab it 11/6. It meant that Whippy had successfully completed a full comeback to win the BSPA Boston Open for the second year in a row, and a cheque for £570.

Tournament organiser Mark Hildred conducted the presentations afterwards and thanked Boston Squash and Racketball Club and all the volunteers, sponsors, players and spectators for making the event possible. Andy Whipp rounded off the day with  a winner’s speech.

“Thanks to James (Snell). We agreed beforehand to put on a bit of a showcase so we kept tinning it to keep each other in the game,” Whipp joked. “Obviously it was a repeat of when we played in the final a few weeks ago (at the Solent Classic) so it’s always quite hard to play each other so soon after - he played well.”

“I‘d also like to thank Mark for organising the event. As he said this is the tournament’s fourteenth year in a row and I’ve probably played in six or seven of them - it’s great.”

BSPA Boston Open ready to go... - 8th December 2010

The 14th annual BSPA Boston Open 2010 is all set to begin this Friday (12pm) - with matches running through to Sunday afternoon. The programmes and posters have been printed, the prizes are ready, and the courts now await some of the country's top players.

The event has received attention from the likes of the Boston Standard, the Boston Target and SquashSite. Indeed, has linked up with the latter for reporting on this year's tournament. To view a preview article of the event, the full draws, pictures and an official live text stream from the competition, click here.

As well here on the club's official website, reports of the tournament will be available through all the papers and websites above, and video highlights of the finals will be published on the club's official YouTube channel.

December leagues online - 30th November 2010

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for December are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Junior draws available - 29th November 2010

The draws for the junior tournaments at this year's BSPA Boston Open 2010 are now available to view via the link on the 'Boston Open' page.

November leagues online - 4th November 2010

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for November are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Fixtures online - 27th October 2010

The fixtures for the Boston first, second and third teams in the Lincolnshire Leagues are now available on the 'Men's Team' page.

Junior tournaments' entry forms available -26th October 2010

The entry forms for the junior tournaments at this year's BSPA Boston Open are now available to download on the 'Boston Open' page.

October leagues online - 3rd October 2010

The club's internal squash and racketball leagues for October are now available to download on the 'Leagues' page.

Linda wins season starter - 7th September 2010

Linda Hayden was crowned winner of the Kevin Lenton Memorial Handicap tournament on Saturday night, after a runaway victory against Wayne Cox in the final.

Linda progressed through to the final after defeating 2008's winner Gary Fitzsimmons, while Wayne defeated Patrick Hildred in the other semi.

The victory marked the third time in four years that the tournament has been won by a woman, with Katie Price taking the tournament in 2007, followed by Gary Fitzsimmons and Ellie Williamson in 2008 and 2009.