Boston Squash and Racketball Club

Virtual Tour

Here you can take a peak at the facilities offered by the club, although the changing rooms aren't here for obvious reasons!

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From the Outside

A view of the club from the outside in sunny weather.

The Foyer

Once you come in, you can either go right up to the bar, or straight into the foyer, where it is common to talk to others while waiting for your opponent.  From here, you also have a view of the two glassback courts.

The Glassbacks

The two glassback courts are renowned as arguably the truest courts in Lincolnshire, are in an excellent condition, and gain many compliments from professional players at the club's annual Boston Open.

The Club Shop

Also easily visible from the foyer is the range of stock in the club shop, open on Tuesday-Friday from around 11am-7:30pm. In the shop, there is all any squash player would ever need at competitive prices - and the club can order off for more stuff should you need it!

A view of court 2 - click to enlargeA view of court 1 - click to enlarge

The Rainbow Courts

The first rainbow courts in the UK to be funded by the national lottery (see the 'About' page), these courts are more colourful, better for coaching, easier on the knees and just as true as the glassbacks, and are perfect for club-level use.  The club has three of these.

The Gym

The gym is free to use for all members, and indeed, joining the club just for the gym would often be a cheaper option than joining a gym.  The club offers a medium sized gym, with a treadmill, a rowing machine, various weights, weight lifting machines and numerous bikes.

The Bar

The bar is above the foyer, and as well as being an excellent viewing point for the two glassback courts, it is an ideal place to socialise after a game and shower.  The bar itself offers various sweets, snacks and drinks, and is an excellent place to socialise at events, as well as on a normal night!

A view of the bar - click to enlarge

The Function Room

As well as being used as a meeting room for the committee and any other organisation that hires it for a small fee, this room is used for social events (such as discos) - where it offers a very large area by the fact that a sliding divide between it and the gym can allow it to 'encroach' into the gym with the equipment being moved to the very side.  It also offers pool and table tennis (if set up).